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Beginning Training

This introductory level offers fun and interactive ways to learn serious lifetime skills: effective listening and a systematic method for problem solving. The focus is on promoting insight into feelings, thoughts, actions, and goals. rather than on giving advice or analysis. EARS trainees say that the skills they learn are valuable in their personal lives, and in many roles: in student leadership positions, as EARS counselors and trainers, and in their career development.

Beginning workshops are held in Robert Purcell Community Center Multi-Purpose Room from 7 to 9:00 PM Mondays.

EARS training is facilitated by experienced student counselors who are professionally supervised.

Fall 2016 - First night of Beginning training is Monday, September 5th (Labor Day)

Week Date Session Topic
Week 1

Sept. 5

Welcome, Introduction to EARS, Attitudes & Attending Behaviors (EARS Trainers)
Week 2 Sept. 12 Empathy (EARS Trainers)
Week 3 Sept. 19 Sex and Values
Week 4 Sept. 26 Probes and Feedback (EARS trainers)
Week 5 Oct. 3 Advanced Empathy, Validation, Immediacy (EARS Trainers)
Week 6 Oct. 17 Multi-Cultural Competencies
Week 7 Oct. 24 Confrontation, Summarization, Focusing, (EARS Trainers)
Week 8 Oct. 31 Problem Solving, Referrals & Info Giving (EARS Trainers)
Week 9 Nov. 7 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Issues
Week 10 Nov. 14 Suicide Preventon and Crisis Counseling
Week 11 Nov. 21 Practice Night (EARS Trainers) Closure

Speakers funded in part by the Student Assembly.

Long Role Plays: Saturdays, 10/15, 11/12, 12/3 noon - 3pm at WSH 2nd floor.
Sunday, 12/4 noon – 3pm WSH 2nd floor