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What Is The Service?

Not sure you need the assistance of a professional therapist
but could appreciate having the support of a peer?

FREE, personal counseling on any topic that YOU want to talk about
Walk in the EARS room or call 255-EARS
• Open 7 days/week each academic year
No appointment needed
Referral information on all CU & community resources
• Strictly confidential

Reaching Ears

EARS offers nonjudgmental, short-term counseling by skilled volunteers who have undergone extensive training and have passed through a rigorous selection process. EARS counselors use empathic, active listening skills and problem-solving techniques, and can provide referrals for services within the Cornell and Ithaca communities.

The services are free and confidential! You can contact an EARS counselor any day, including evenings and weekends during the academic year by calling 255-EARS (255-3277) or coming to 213 Willard Straight Hall where the counseling office is located. No appointment is needed and no problem is "too big" or "too small" for an EARS counselor. If you are a member of the Cornell community and you have a problem or an issue that might be helpful to talk about, call or stop by EARS. All calls are anonymous and all walk-in sessions are confidential.

Feel free to call us at 255-EARS (255-3277), or drop in to our newly renovated office in 213 Willard Straight Hall. The hours we are open are:

Day Hours
Sunday - Thursday 3-10:30 p.m.
Friday 3-10 p.m.
Saturday 6-10 p.m.


Are you a grad student or a cornell staff member?
, has graduate student and Cornell staff peer-counselors at the following hours:

Day Hours
Sunday 8-10:30
Monday 3-5:30, 8-10:30
Tuesday 3-5:30
Wednesday 5:30-8 pm


Who Are The Counselors?

Who are the counselors?
Counselors are …
• students and members of the CU community
• rigorously trained over at least 2 semesters
• professionally supervised and highly qualified
• pledged to confidentiality