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"Through EARS, I made my closest friends and became confident in who I am and how I connect with others. From training to counseling, EARS made Cornell feel like home. "

Renee Gewercman, Class of 2007

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Registrations for Fall 2016 training are closed.

Who is invited?
Any member of the Cornell Community who wants to:
• become a better listener
• gain personal life skills
• prepare to become a counselor
• meet people from across the campus
• build your resume

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What will I learn?
• Empathic listening
• Non-judgmental communication
• Counseling micro-skills
• Ways to enhance relationships
• Leadership practices
• Greater self-understanding and compassion
• More appreciation for others
• In-depth skills for real-life situations

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Time Commitment
All levels meet 7:00-9:00pm on Mondays for 12
weeks every semester

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Signing up
• Registration begins one week before classes
start each semester
• Sign up on-line at
Or in person at the WSH 2nd floor reception
desk (one floor below Ivy Room)
• Registration is required; training fills up fast

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What is covered at the different levels?

• Introduces a comprehensive counseling
skills model
• Interactive workshops, skits, games & small
group discussions
• Lots of opportunities to practice & get

• Builds on 1st level skills
• Features presentations by campus &
community experts
• Topics include: multi-cultural counseling,
relationships, eating disorders, self-esteem,
substance abuse, suicide prevention & more

• Deepens skills for students preparing for
the counselor qualifying session
• Individualized practice sessions with
extensive feedback

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Becoming a Counselor
• After a minimum of two semesters, trainees
must demonstrate required skills in a
rigorous evaluation session
• Counselors volunteer 3-5 hours weekly in the
EARS counseling room

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